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Teachers' Day is around the corner!  Show your appreciation to your teachers by writing a poem or story.  Refer to the poster below for details!


Slides from the Primary 1 Curriculum Briefing on 24 Jan may be found here .  For parents interested in the 3D dialogue process, the video can be found under the section "Holistic Assessment".

Read about how every parent can be a supportive parent to your child in school here!

Briefing slides on CCA for P2 and P3.  Please click here. (New!)

Media Coverage of the first day of school.  Click here!

Letter to Parents on Health and Safety Matter.  Click here.

Important Notes for Parents for all levels.  Please refer to notes on procedures, things to bring and arrangements for the first few weeks of school.  Click Here. Updated on 2 Jan 2015!

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Safe and Happy Travels!  
How can parents help to reinforce Cyberwellness at home? Find out more here: